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Sandast: a new American Classic


I have utmost respect and admiration for artisans; people or shokunins who have followed their passions and honed their craft to an art form. Their devotion and persistence, is inspiring. My interest is especially piqued when I discover high quality designs handmade in the good ol’ USA. Hence my excitement when I discovered the Los Angeles based accessories line Sandast.

Co-founder and industry veteran Milan Franeta began “dirtying” Swiss Army bags found in vintage shops to suit his worn-in aesthetic years ago. This inspired a growing interest in leather and the idea of distressing them to “look and feel vintage—soft, durable but elegant in its imperfection.” The Montenegro-born visionaire saw a market for high-functioning accessories made with the best quality leather, finished with extreme care imbued with his signature rugged sensibility, and established Sandast in 2006.

“All Sandast bags are carefully and expertly hand-finished in the USA and Italy by the world’s most skilled craftsmen. In Sandast workshop, the most common sound one will find is the deafening hammering sound. Each Sandast bag and its each component has to go through the distress and polish process which takes hours to complete. When one sees the Sandast bag, He or she can feel and admire our sweat, love, and passion put in each bag. Each bag is unique and each bag is the masterpiece.”

A new timeless American Vintage is born. Sandast flagship store opening soon in downtown LA.

(All images by Sandast)
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  1. 04/01/2012 07:43

    I am a sucker for a beautifully made bag, especially one made of leather. These look gorgeous. I’m imagining they’re in the high-end price range?

  2. 04/10/2012 17:45


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