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Creative Geologists: Atelier NL’s Polderceramics


Atelier NL is a Einhoven-based design studio comprised of Lonny van Ryswyck and Nadine Sterk. “The overriding principal behind the series was to keep the symbiosis between object and origin as pure and integral as possible. ‘We wanted to make tableware so that the vegetables prepared for dinner could be served from vessels made from the same soil the vegetables came out of,’ explains Van Rijswijck.”

Their rustically beautiful Polderceramics project is also an exploration into the relationship of the Noordoostpolder region with it’s farmers. The designers packed their shovels and lived on the land for a year, tirelessly documenting the differences between each plot and how the earth differed depending on what the farmers grew. Instead of writing a stuffy paper of their findings, Lonny and Nadine presented their data through these stunning tableware designs.

Too bad they are not for sale.

(Images via Atelier NL)
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