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Freshly made Rose 31 by Le Labo


I am a sucker for unique, complex fragrances. The more obscure, the better. One of my favorite memories over the holidays, was the experience of picking out a new perfume at Le Labo, on 3rd Street and Orlando with my special someone, L.

With a fragrance lab counter lined with essential oils, industrial fixtures and pressed tin-paneled wall, the boutique is stylishly minimal. Signature scents like Labdanum 18, Bergamote 22 and Musc 25 (only available in LA) are showcased atop century-old printing presses. After falling in love with the infamous Rose 31, the lovely manager Heather put on fresh gloves and proceeded to compound, pour, and seal the fragrance from scratch. The memorable finishing touch is the custom label with date, my name and the expiration date on it!

Thanks for the very special gift L.

A must for any perfume aficionado (If you bring back your 50 or 100ml bottle for a refill you’ll get a discount)!

Le Labo
8385 West 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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