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Voice of Sublime Curious


In the past few years I have often wondered the question: “For what reasons was I born?” Good jobs were no longer enough and needed to be inwardly meaningful. I doubted myself, questioned my motivations… if and what could I contribute toward society. The journey of this young blog already has been more transformative than I could have ever imagined. As I seek to find an authentic voice for Sublime Curious, I am seeing parallels in my life. The briefest way to put it without getting cheesy or airy-fairy is, I am digging this discovery process and I am glad you are here.

Attending Caroline Myss’ “Defy Gravity” lecture last night at the Pasadena Convention Center triggered a switch, as if a dusty lightbulb had been newly turned on. Reflecting on the people/places/creations I have been pulled to write about to date, the common thread has been creative empowerment. These are people or products created by ones who are living their truths and sharing their passions. Their voices cut through veils of conformity and inspires a response of inspiration. It is my intention, to highlight courageous extraordinaires who are turned on and actively engaged in the creative powers of their lives.

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